Welcome to Bishops Wood

Bishops Wood is a boutique family business specialising in “made-to-order” garden buildings and hand-crafted personal items. Steve and Denise Bishop have designed and installed many garden buildings over the years delivering the attention to detail that only a small business can. Our garden buildings are for people who cannot find “off-the-shelf” solutions to their needs… either because the dimensions are wrong, or they just want something extra special. We are based in the Aldridge area, but can travel within the West Midlands area. Each building is designed and built in our workshop before being delivered and assembled on-site. We also offer a wide range of smaller hand-crafted and personalised items, along with smaller renovation projects. Please view the site to see more of our work and contact us to talk about your own project with us.

No longer trading

We have made the decision to take early retirement and are no longer trading, but have honoured any commissions made before April 2014. We sincerely thank all our customers for their support in the past.



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Bespoke “Special Event” gifts and plaques to your specification.

We have been busy adding to our “Event” range over the past few months…

Individual personalised Dates – A unique way to celebrate any special event… Births, Weddings, Anniversaries…. The first one ordered was for a young couple moving into their first home together. Dates are 20mm thick so the date stands upright, with names (or chosen words) hand painted in the colour of your choice onto the hand-cut date, making this gift totally unique. Cost is £3.00 per hand-cut character (no additional charge is made for the hand-painted names).

Large hanging heart – can be left as natural wood, or painted in the desired colour (distressed if required). A unique way to celebrate any special event. Relevant quotes (or personal text) are arranged in the central area, and names, dates or other relevant information can be hand-painted on the surrounding heart. Hanging hearts start from £15.00

Hanging “Bride and Groom cut outs” start from £30.00, whilst the “Hearts on a stand” start at £15.00 each

Intertwined hearts – Two hearts overlapping 20mm thick so the hearts stand upright. We can design and cut these as single-piece joined hearts or as a jig-saw. Names, dates and phrases are hand painted on front and/or back as required.   Cost is £15.00 for personalised joined hearts.

Chalkboards… made to your measurements, (up to 8′ by 4′ largest), and with hand painted writing on if required.

Birds on a stick…  made out of hardwood and painted with wedding details to stand outside marquee, but as with all our products can be adapted to your requirements.

Celebration signature plaque… similar mas- produced generic plaques can be bought in the shops, but Bishops-wood personalise the plaque with hand-painted text making it a highly unique item.

Email steve@bishops-wood to enquire about any of our products, or to request your own original one-off design.


Bespoke Christmas Gifts created

The Christmas rush that enveloped us during November and December is over, and dozens of hand-crafted, one-off, and personalised designs created for customers have now been received by their new owners, which means we can finally display some of the work we produced.

Bespoke Shop signs comissioned

Three signs were recently commissioned for the new premises of “Lazy Days Cupcake Boutique” at the “Heart of the Country Shopping Village” in Swinfen.

Following a hugely successful year since the launch of this business, new premises were needed to encompass the bakery and an enlarged cafe area, and I am proud to say that we were commissioned to design and provide the shop signs.

Three items were required from bishops-wood. A huge 1.2m wide by 1.6m long sign to hang outside the shop showing its services, a re-directional sign to guide customers to the new premises, and a 2m long chalkboard for a children’s seating area.

The finished products are displayed below…

Large 1.2m wide by 1.6m long sign designed as a retro/vintage wooden advertising hoarding. The plank effect was emphasised by slight routering before the company logo and services were hand-painted onto the 36mm thick sign.


1.32m long Re-directional sign finished and ready for positioning. 2m long “tots corner” chalkboard with company logo cut-out of top of board in position as a backboard to the children’s seating area.


Wedding boxes

A set of 15 boxes commissioned as table centre-pieces. Customer asked for “rustic design” not pristine wood, and designed their own logo to go on to 2 sides of the box. The other 2 sides were to have hearts cut-out of the wood. The boxes were to hold 4 containers of jam-jar size.

New wood was purchased, as the dimensions were quite specific, and not enough reclaimed wood could be found to complete the commission. The new wood was first distressed, marked and cut-to-size before it was soaked in a “stain” hand-mixed from various colours of acrylic paint to give an authentic aged look. Each component was then sanded smooth and hand-painted with the customer designed logo before each box was assembled.



Busy, busy, busy

bishops-wood have been busy on a huge range of customer projects over the past few months. Some large, some small, but all highly individual and unique.

Here are just a few of the recent designs made to our customer specifications…

3D photo cut-out designed from customers own photo of girl pushing man on swing. Outdoor plaque made to customers spec in hardwood and weather treated.              ”Event Date” for wedding with Bride and Groom’s names hand-painted on design. 

Photo cut-out created from customers photo of dog, with chalkboard on reverse side.       Hanging name-plaque.                                                                                                     Free-standing 18mm thick personalised plaque of “Eddie Stobart” style lorry.

Repaired and renovated “love-seat” with names hand-painted on to weather-treated seat. Small key holder designed and produced to customers exacting specifications.       Wheelchair ramp made to customers exacting specifications in pressure-treated wood.

Flat hand-painted personalised VW camper van.                                                               Hand-painted personalised narrowboat design from customer supplied photograph.   Extra-large (3′wide by 5′ high) chalkboard with 3D pop-art “Wow” design at top.

Bespoke Personalised Pitch Markers

Customers who tour and visit camper van festivals or camp sites can request a pitch marker to place on the pitch when temporarily leaving the site. Send us a photo of your van and have a hand-painted image painted on the plaque. The fixing pole can be detachable for easy storage.

The plaque is made in pine. Soaked in Cuprinol preservative which protects against rot, fungal and pest attack. Then hand-painted in external water resistant acrylic, and finally varnished with an external satin varnish giving total protection.

Here’s what a happy customer said about their plaque shown below…

“Our camper-van sign looks excellent – thanks so much! Lots more detail & depth than we expected!”

Similar products can also be designed for moorings when on boating holidays etc.

External Plaques in Hard or Softwood

Several more unique commissions have been fulfilled for a variety of external plaques.

These include totally unique Stable door plaques where portraits of horses have been painted from photos supplied.

photo of Ellie  (LE)            Photo of Nutty                  Photo of Sprite

Ellie (LE) plaque with horseshoe       Nutty plaque            Sprite plaque

Other recent customised plaques designed and created for front doors, secret gardens, or children’s hidey-hole sheds are shown below…


House number with company lorry made in teak measuring 10″ x 11″ wide.                     Secret garden plaque made in pine measuring 10″ wide x 6″ high.                              Child’s hidey-hole “Batcave” plaque made in teak, measuring 11″ wide x 7″ high.

As with all bishops-wood personalised products, we design these external plaques in consultation with the customer to deliver a highly unique product. External plaques are cut from 18mm pine or 25mm teak, soaked in Cuprinol timber treatment protecting from rot, water, fungal and insect attack. After painting they are varnished adding a final layer of protection against the elements.

Unique personalised plaques start from £20.00



Bespoke Wooden Heart Frames for your own personal message.

We have had a number of requests for wooden heart frames to surround personal messages and poems. The frames we designed for our Mothers celebration lend themselves beautifully to this end. Illustrated below are designs we created for a Degree graduation present and a frame for a self-penned poem. Both have hand written personal messages on the frame as well as the individual message within the frame.